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Sure-Test's specialized equipment can be used for any operations where sour production vapors must be controlled, such as:

  • Swabbing where the customer requires no back pressure and contained vapor carry over.
  • Drill stem testing where the customer again requires no back pressure and contained vapor carry over.
  • Sand frac flow-backs where our patented sand diffuser will handle sand slugs and will separate sand from liquid allowing clean fluids to flow to the storage tank.
  • Gas well testing where gas production is up to 10 MMCF  of gas per day with associated liquid of 14 bbls/minute or less. The unit is frequently used after frac clean up for a single or a 4 point test. Our equipment can accurately measure produced oil and water and uses conventional methods for measuring gas volumes.
  • Circulating well bore fluid to enable customer to kill well.
  • Click here for our C.O.R. Certificate

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